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A little bit about Renegade Apparel.

At Renegade Apparel we design, screen-print, embroider and manufacture items (mostly apparel) aimed at helping anyone raise awareness or money for their group, business or cause. 

some posters my flagbuttons

Check out some more of the Prints I have done in my screen prints section.


Click Here for an online apparel catalog and ordering site.

The above catalog has many options but it does not stop here, if there is anything else you are looking for we can probably get it. I encourage you to view my alternative suppliers section to find garments that are produced to a higher social or ecological standard.


If you want to make an order or need a quote we need to know:

1. The specific garment style number(s), or approximate type of garment(s) to be used. Check out the basic catalog link above or the alternative suppliers to your left.
2. The quantity, size and colors of the garments.
3. If we will screen print or embroider the garments.
4. The number of colors in each imprint and the size and placement of each imprint.
5. Anything else important to the order like customer supplied garments, rush orders or special effects.
6. Your name and contact info
Call before you drop by weekdays to 247 Hunter St. West, between Aylmer and Bethune streets in Peterborough, Ontario. 
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Renegade Apparel.

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